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Medicine Meets Nature

Are you looking for a healthcare provider who---?


Prioritizes your health goals in their treatment plan...

Is an expert in natural medicines...

...but can prescribe medications when necessary

Believes that diet & lifestyle play an integral role in health...

Searches for the root cause of your health concerns...

If yes, then we're so happy you've found us!

Give us a call or email and we'll get you started

on your journey to wellness and freedom from illness.

(801) 441-0549

Our Services


A La Carte

Services as you need them


New Patient Visit

Follow Up visits

Lab Testing


Wellness exams

Telehealth visits



Medical packages for continuity of care

Includes monthly visits, discounts on supplements and additional services

Get Acquainted Call

Schedule a complimentary 15min telephone Call with one of our providers to determine if Canyonlands is right for you!

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