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Areas of focus:

Dr. Erin Carner is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in Women’s Health and Fertility. Additional areas of expertise include thyroid and adrenal disorders, sleep disorders, mood disorders, GI health and skin issues.

  • Integrative Women’s Health

  • Fertility

  • Mood Disorders

  • Digestive Disorders, Food Allergies

  • Stress and Sleep Related Disorders

  • Endocrine, Thyroid, Adrenal Disorders

  • Dermatologic Conditions

  • Optimal Health and Prevention

  • Pediatric Wellness

Her Approach

As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Carner spends up to 90minutes at your first visit discussing your health concerns in order to make personalized recommendations. Dr. Carner recognizes that it is necessary to look beyond symptom management in order to determine underlying causes of disease. She believes that when given the necessary tools and removing any obstacles to cure, the body can heal itself.

She is trained to examine the patient as a whole person, including mental, emotional and physical factors that contribute to one's well-being. Using an evidence based approach, Dr. Carner designs your treatment plan to incorporate the natural modalities of herbal medicine, professional grade supplements, food based medicine, dietary and lifestyle counseling, IV nutrient therapy, homeopathy and prescription medications. She may recommend diagnostic or functional laboratory testing to gather a deeper understanding of your condition. At your office visit, Dr. Carner will listen to your story and develop a collaborative plan to feeling great again.

Dr. Erin Carner


Her Story

Her passion for Naturopathic Medicine started at a young age. Frequently exhausted, she was repeatedly told by doctors that her labs were fine and that everything was normal. It wasn’t until she discovered natural medicine that she found solutions. She self-designed a Public Health and Medical Anthropology Bachelor’s Degree to further explore her interest in health and wellness. After interning at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, she determined that she preferred a personalized approach to medicine and enjoyed the ability to work with people individually to address their health concerns. She earned her medical degree at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR and completed residency at Full Circle Care, in Salt Lake City.


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