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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated costs sheet pdf download

  • Does your clinic take my insurance?

    • We do not bill insurance.

    • All of our visits are either fee for service or subscription model. This means that all of our visit fees are due at time of service.

    • We can provide you with a 'superbill,' which would allow you to request reimbursement from your insurance company for an out-of-network visit.


  • Does my visit payment include the costs of labs, supplements, or medications?

    • Your visit fee covers the cost of the doctor's visit, and does not include supplements or products.

    • Supplement costs and lab fees are highly variable, and each individual will have different costs based upon their needs. Please see our estimated costs sheet here to help you determine a budget for our services.

  • How much can I expect to spend on labs, supplements, or imaging?

    • Please see our "estimated costs" sheet for information regarding costs of health services our providers may recommend.

    • All information regarding these types of services should be considered an estimate. Costs can vary greatly for services in the medical industry.

  • How long do visits typically take?

    • Your initial visit will typically 90 minutes. In some circumstances we may have a shorter new patient visit, but this is an exception.

    • Follow up visits are generally between 20 and 60 minutes, and are billed based upon the time spent face to face with your doctor.

  • How many visits should I expect to have?

    • Our providers generally initiate in depth treatment at the first follow up visit based upon lab results or discoveries from our comprehensive testing and exams.

    • Some treatments will also be initiated at a new patient visit, if they are indicated, or if you're in need of prescription medication refills.

    • We would suggest that you plan for an initial visit and at least two follow up visits to optimize results and make adjustments. If you are interested in frequent tune up visits, we suggest you consider our subscription services.

  • Do we accept HSA and FSA funds for our visits, and are my supplements covered with HSA?

    • Yes, our services are HSA eligible.

    • When we prescribe a dietary supplement for the management of your healthcare, you can also use your HSA when purchasing through Fullscript, one of our preferred distributors.

  • How much can I expect to spend on labs, supplements, or imaging?

    • Please see our  "estimated costs" sheet for information

    • All information regarding these types of services should be considered an estimate, and not a guarantee of total costs of these services or products.

  • What are your clinic protocols for my condition?

    • You might be surprised to learn that we do not do protocol based medicine at our clinic. Many clinics require you to order a predetermined set of tests and supplements based upon a questionnaire or your broad set of symptoms. We believe that customized, personalized care is the best approach to your health. Please note this also means we take care not to order a lot of testing that isn't essential to your healthcare plan.

  • I've been on my dietary supplements for 1-2 weeks and still don't feel better. Should I stop treatment?

    • Don't give up, and don't stop treatment!

    • Please note that natural medicines can take up to 8 weeks of regular dosing for you to see gains. Given that these treatments are commonly trying to help improve your body's natural function, they can take much longer than a typical pharmaceutical medication that is intended to interrupt or suppress function.

    • We find that success with Naturopathic care depends greatly on your participation and dedication to lifestyle based therapies and your follow up with our team. Follow up visits are essential to adjust your regimen and improve effectiveness.

  • I just got a lab bill, but I paid you for my visit and blood draw. Why am I being billed again?

    • For most laboratory testing, our office does not collect the money for testing. There are a select few companies for which we collect money for services. In most instances, if you're getting a bill from the lab, this is likely not an error.

  • I just received an 'Explanation of Benefits' from my insurance company and it says I need to pay for a lab test. Do I need to pay my insurance company for this amount?

    • Remember, an explanation of benefits (EOB) sent by your insurance company is not a bill.

    • Once you receive a bill from the lab, this is the amount you are expected to pay. These numbers are not always the same as what is on the EOB. When in doubt, call the lab who provided the service.

    • If you ever have questions about the way a lab was billed, we encourage communication with our office. We strive to provide you with the most accurate information possible regarding services we have ordered.

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