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Our Story

Dr. Carner and Dr. Reed moved to Utah to complete their Naturopathic Medical residencies.

It was here that they discovered the most beautiful places on earth - hidden gems they never knew existed.

- They camped, hiked, skied, and became avid outdoors-people.

Canyonlands Natural Medicine was born out of an adventuring spirit and a love for nature as well as a desire to treat patients with care, compassion, and time that is so lacking in today's world of fast paced, marketing heavy medicine and quick fixes.

Our providers now call Utah home, and in starting a clinic, they decided to do medicine the right way, in a small, face to face, patient centered practice.

Many people in this world feel they can't, or won't, reach their true potential. 

As Naturopathic doctors, we feel believe a part of our role is to help patients reach their full potential - guiding you on your path to fulfillment and walking the with you every step of the way.

Dr. Reed and Dr. Carner have dedicated Canyonlands Natural Medicine to their patients, to the love for the outdoors, to Utah red rocks, to the spirit of adventure, and to making dreams a reality. They invite you to join them on the journey.


Naturopathic Medicine

You might be asking yourself... why should I see a Naturopathic Physician?

Our providers are trained from day one in their education to seek out root causes of disease, to identify both conventional and "functional" or "alternative" diagnoses, and to be able to adapt their skills and the lens with which they see disease and wellness. Naturopathic Physicians are trained to treat the foundation of a human being (diet, lifestyle, underlying causes of disease), to teach their patients about their ailments and how to live better, and to use proportional therapies to treat disease.

One of the true failures of our current medical system is a monolithic dependence on drugs and surgery. That might have been a good approach in the 1990s, but our providers believe that to enter the 21st Century, healthcare providers need to wake up to the realities of modern life.

We believe:

- Everything we put in or on our body is important, including food, drinks, cosmetics, clothing, chemicals, and medicines.

- Our environment and air quality are critical to health.

- Lifestyle, exercise and diet cannot be ignored.

- Past experiences as well as family traits are key to understanding ourselves.

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